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Love life of Cancer

Cancerians are very faithful people and if they fall in love it is pure and wholehearted in nature. At times they are reserved, moody and difficult to study them. They get turned to caring and loving words, big hugs and also by praising, as how good they are.


Though occasionally they become dependent on the other partner, most of the time their love of nurturing may lead them to act like a parent. The Cancerians seems very good when there is a mutual exchange of love between both the partners but when it turns to be from only one side and if loyality is lost in the Cancerian partner then they become impenetrable, vindictive and callous.Cancerian men like to be cosseted and well fed and cancerian women enjoy the role of cossetting.Sex as a means of experiencing love is very important to Cancer subjects.Somtimes however a love starved Cancerian will turn to promiscuity as a mistaken substitute for the love they crave.


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