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Nature of Cancer Man

A Cancerian man is not the same always for sometimes they are characterized by erratic changeableness or instability, especially with regard to affections or attachments or otherwise characterized by strength in sentiment. They are also reserved and shy to an extent. Though the Cancerian men look stubborn they are really not, for they are lovable and affectionate. They are very attached, emotional and sentimental towards the family and miss their home and family members especially the mother when they are away from them.

They do not fall in love for the opposite sex very easily but if they right partner they are very dedicated, committed and loyal to them. They can also shine as a good father showering their entire love and affection to the children. A Cancerian man by birth is supposed to be handsome and attractive which even if they realize will never want to expose or acknowledege, but instead confine at home. But when it comes to work he wants to be appreciated for when he excels in his job. These men think twice before spending money, for they are not extravagant. They are quite understanding and values others views and ideas.


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