Sun Signs:

Cancer personality

Cancer people are lovers of home and are highly emotional. They create strong relationship bonds and yearn for security. They are usually foodies, love food and make good dishes.

They get along well with children and pets and make good parents.Cancer people lend a shoulder to cry on when we are in trouble. But then they expect favors in return as well.

Cancer guys are pessimistic and too clinging that might smother relationships. They need constant encouragement to keep going.

Cancer Babies

Cancer- Cancer babies are not generally always found smiling and bubbling with energy, but then they are very quiet.

They hate strangers and are very lovable. They remain calm in a happy environment.

Cancer Boss

Beware of your Cancer boss' emotions. Be appreciative of them to earn their goodwill. They are good in saving and are very perceptive of things.

Cancer Family

Family and values are the number one priority for a Cancer person. They are very emotionally and sentimentally attached to their family members.

They smooth out any conflicts that arise in the family. They look after their family responsibly. They have a motherly instinct and nurture their family in proper spirits.

Cancer Father

The Cancer dad is more of a family type, would sometimes take on the role of a mother as well. He loves to care and nurture his children in the right spirits.

He is very close to his children and mentor them with wisdom and knowledge. Might have issues when children leave him.

Cancer Fathers-in-law

Cancer fathers-in-law are one of the most affectionate among the zodiac signs. But then they are more bent on the happiness and well-being of their children.

They make sure that you are a loving companion for their wards. They look out for constant appreciation of their children by your part. They are highly emotional and sensitive and this need to be handled with care. They also get hurt easily by words.

Cancer Mother

Most Cancer's are naturally good with children and have amazing maternal instincts. Because of this the Cancer mom is understanding, loving, caring, and instinctive.

She is the mom who loves family reunions, is always baking and crafting with/for her children, and she always has pictures of her children. She is extremely playful with children and likes to stimulate their creativity. The Cancer mom can be overprotective and they are the moody mom.

Cancer Mother-in-law

Cancer Mothers-in-law are very sensitive and nurturing ones. They are very affectionate and love to take care of the younger members of the family. They groom the children in good habits and character.

At times they turn out to be quite grumpy and possessive too. They give life to stories of yonder by narrating them to the kids. They make good nannies.

Cancer Mom and Dad

Cancer Moms are usually very protective of their children and nurture their kids in good habits. She understands their needs and deeds and teaches them life-hacks.

A Cancer father is very much committed to his children. He senses the likes and dislikes of his kids and make sure that their expectations in life are met. He likes to have his children rooted to the ground and home. Family socializing means a lot to these Cancer dads.

Cancer Parents

A Cancer parents is very nurturing, and is emotionally bonded to his or her child.

They love them and comfort them by all means. But their over-protection might smother them at times.

Cancer Grandparents

The Cancer grandparents make good care-takers of their grandchildren. They nurture them in good spirits and habits. They teach them the nuances of cooking, stitching and the like and keep them busy for life.

But then at times they are seen to be too protective and interfering. They would be anxious for them and become paranoid at times when the grandchildren stray from life. They love to guide them in the right path and bring a sense of relief in their lives.

Cancer Sibiling

A Cancer sibling is very sensitive and emotional and loves to get the attention of their parents always. They need to be pampered and cared frequently.

A Cancer sibling would be quite bossy to the other kids at home. But then they take good care of them and get along with them well in course of time. As they grow older, they give expert opinion and advise to their siblings. They are also the one to lend their shoulders when in trouble.

Cancer Roommates

Cancer natives as roommates take up all the responsibilities of the household. They are good in cooking, cleaning and organizing.

They cheer you up when you are down. But then they turn moody at times and quite sensitive to hurting remarks. They are at times aggressive too.

Cancer Teacher

Cancers make good teachers as they are very understanding, good in handling children and quite patient in nature too.

They inculcate creative learning habits for their wards. They can easily get down to the level of their students to get their points across.

Cancer Dog

Cancer Dogs are very affectionate and loveable. They are very sensitive but quite submissive. They get along with children particularly well. These dogs are very loyal and hate loud noises and huge gatherings. They are quite comfortable with those in the household and is a homebody.

Cancer Cat

This cat gets along well with children. However they are moody and sensitive at times. They are generally known to be awake in the nights(nocturnal) and sleep in the daytime.

Cancer Teen

Cancer teens though seem to be good, kind of have a rebellious nature on the inside. Though family and its ties are in their heart, they do not tend to show it on the outside. Despite their having a private side they make sure that they pay enough attention to home and its needs.

Cancer teens generally go through an identity crisis as there is a clash of their ideals and the ideals of their family. But then as they age they come to terms with their own unique Cancer identity.

Cancer Aunts and Uncles

A Cancer person as an aunt or an uncle is a blessing to have for the nieces and nephews.

The simple reason being, they are emotionally attached to you, they take care of you and make good baby-sitters. They would have close personal contact with you for all of life.